Saturday, March 31, 2007

Coming up...

Two weeks from now, the Titanic disaster happened, 95 years ago! So I hope to post continually that day so you can get a feel of how the day of April 14, 1912 went, and everything that happened. I'll start that morning with how things may have gone, different things and comments that passengers said, then moving on into the afternoon and the ice-warnings that the wireless operators got, and what happened to them! Then go into late afternoon, and the last meal on the Titanic, and people going to bed, and different things that took place. Then finally the tragic night of April 14, the collision, orders on the bridge, inspection of the ship after impact, lifeboats being lowered, brave men standing back, and the cowardliness of some men, things that happened on the boat deck, {were shots really fired to keep men from getting into boats???} the fate of the crew below, and the ill fated band, Titanic's final moments in the frigid waters of the icy Atlantic, and then rescue.
So I ask as much as possible on the 14, of April 2007, check my blog all day to find out what happened that fateful day!!!


Anonymous said...

Cool, Daniel! I've got the date marked in my planner so I don't forget. (Yeah, like I could forget something as important as the anniversary of the Titanic?)

Daniel said...

Doni m

Good I'm glad your looking forward to it, to tell you the truth I'm pretty excited too!!!
For me it will be a day of remembrance, and hopefully I will be able to pass my thoughts on.


Can't wait, Daniel! Looking forward to your posts that day. Grandma