Monday, April 2, 2007

Titanic in Hollywood

What is to be said about the movie "Titanic"? I have done much reading on the "Titanic" movie, and have come to know the director and actors fairly well. I also know quite a bit about why James Cameron wanted to make a movie about the "Titanic". I have read quite a bit about the special effects, stunt doubles, the 'Titanic' James Cameron constructed, the point of the story, etc...
The only reason I'm interested in the movie is because of how James Cameron practically 'rebuilt' the Titanic. From me he gets a five star rating for that, but it seems that Hollywood can't leave it at that. They have to turn every movie that comes down the pike into a love story, it's really a bummer they have to do that. Otherwise it would have been a good movie.
Someone once said about the movie that "it's as
close as your going to get to walking the real decks of the Titanic".
For me the movie helps put real life images into my head, and helps me get an idea of what she really looked like. I'm going to post pictures of James Cameron's "Titanic"!!!

href="">The 'Titanic' that Cameron built was actually 10% smaller than the real thing, if he would have made it built to scale it would not have fit in the tank! But you can get an idea of how big she really was.

href="">The 'Titanic' has made billions of dollars worldwide. It has won more Oscars, than any other movie, and tied for 11 academy awards with other movies, such as 'Ben Hur'.
The thing is, its just a movie, and you can learn more reading a book then you ever could watching a movie. I hate it when I ask someone if they have an interest in the Titanic, and they say "oh yah I have seen the movie", no you don't like the Titanic you like the movie. I don't tell them that but I should.
Seems how the 'Titanic' made such a hit 10 years ago, I thought I might as well share my thoughts on the matter.
It would take a really long time to go into detail about how the movie was made, and its really not important, so I won't. I have always found it interesting how people make movies and if your interested further there's a multitude of information on the internet about how they made it.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit, I did actually watch the Cameron movie -- but only last New Year's Eve, so the movie had already been out nine years! And I admit, I decided to watch it for a bit of a silly reason: being a Father Byles aficionado, I wanted to see (mostly out of curiousity) how he had been portrayed in this movie -- this being, I believe, only the second time Father Byles was included in a Titanic movie. (The portrayal was just fine, but I wish he had had more than just the scene at the stern of the ship.)

I do think the movie should have been Rated R. How it managed a PG-13 I'll never know. There were a some glaring inaccuracies in the movie, which I already was aware of before I saw it. My own mistake was watching it just before bedtime, and then I had nightmares and woke up with a sick feeling of dread. Yuck!

Daniel said...

Yes the only reason I would like to see the movie is so I could see the actual ship, engine rooms, captain and officers, Thomas Andrews, and Bruce Ismay.
But it's probably not worth watching a movie that you said should be rated R...
The movie called "A Night To Remember" was pretty accurate, and very good, but the ship its self was not all that great.
I was aware that there were some pretty glaring 'bloopers' in the movie... one that stood out for me was when first officer Murdoch was rushing about on the bridge after impact, he bumped into second officer Lightoller who was drinking a cup of tea... he was really in bed!

Thanks for commenting!!!

Anonymous said...

I was fortunate to know the story of the Titanic before I saw the movie, but a lot of people I'm sure will consider that movie the final authority on the subject -- and it's certainly not. The actors were quite good as the officers, and many looked quite like the real guys did. The script was a bit lacking in spots, and again, there were some inaccuracies.

I absolutely commend you for not giving in to the temptation of watching any movie that you feel you should not see. And this movie is certainly NOT necessary for understanding the story of the ship and her passengers. If others have a problem with that, that's tough. If I hadn't given in to sheer curiousity about seeing Father Byles, who knows when or if I would have seen Titanic.

Just Theresa said...

I like that post. That was very good, most people only know about the titanic based on the movie. People need to read more.

love ya, Aunt T

Daniel said...

Doni m,

Yes I would say thats an A+ on knowing the story before you watch a movie. Movies have a way of putting untrue things in your head and its hard to get them out because you have seen something.
If you really want to know about the Titanic, passengers, statistics, comments, and many other things the last thing you want to do is watch a movie and get you knowledge from there.

Aunt Theresa,

Thats about right, and its kind of irritating in a way. You should never base knowledge on a movie, and then state you 'know' about the Titanic, or anything for that matter.

Thanks for commenting!


I think it would be a great thrill to have walked the decks on the Titanic. Of course, not while it was moving on the I have seen many news special on the Titanic down through the years but I think that the movie you showed us was really quite good. Grandma

Peach said...

Well, I did see the movie and yeah, it should be rated R.
I really enjoyed the period costumes as well as the enormity of that ship. The big engines and pistons and other things that make it go (I know not the name of, so forgive my ignorance), but that was just awesome, to see on a screen.
However, the love story was just that, a love story. It was sad and unhappy and a waste of my time. No thank you.
I did enjoy seeing James Cameron talk about the ship a little on his promotion of the movie before it was in theaters on talk shows, though. That was also neat.

I really appreciate your blog, Mobunny's son... very educational, unlike a movie. :)

The thing I found to be the most sad, was even though there were not enough lifeboats, a lot of them were not filled to capacity, for maximum life-saving. That was the worst part, IMO.

Daniel said...

Thanks for your comments and thoughts everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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mau said...

Does anyone know where this rebuilt bersion of Titanic is right now? Can people visit it? Or James actually made it sink?? Sorry if my questions are stupid but I do not have much information on the movie.