Sunday, April 15, 2012

Interesting Shipwreck

There are so many things that make the Titanic an interesting shipwreck. So many little things that make it unique, and passengers that the Titanic carried on her maiden voyage make the Titanic disaster incomparable to any other disaster. Here is a list of what makes the Titanic an interesting shipwreck, not necessarily in order of importance.

The Titanic was the largest movable object built by mankind up too that time.

She was on her maiden voyage.

Captain E.J. Smith had forty years experience at sea, and had a perfect safety record.

The Titanic was by far the most luxurious ship ever built to the time.

The newspapers, made such a big deal about the Titanic being unsinkable.

The binoculars for the crows nest were never brought aboard the Titanic when leaving Southampton.

The Titanic carried an interesting wide range of passengers, ranging from the richest man in the world at the time, to the White Star Lines chairman, the military aid to president Taft, the owner of the Macy's department store. All of which were on one ship, on the maiden voyage.

The Titanic carried too few lifeboats for all aboard.

Titanic's crew, and officers received six icebergs warnings the day she struck the iceberg, and foundered.

The cargo ship, the Californian was ten miles away, saw the white flares, and due to the actions of Captain Lord Stanley, they did nothing.

The icebergs opened up five watertight compartments, one over the limit of what she could sustain and stay afloat.

The watertight bulkheads only went up to E deck.

The general bravery of the men on board, who denying themselves put woman and children first, making the ultimate sacrifice.

The actions of first officer Murdoch when being confronted with the iceberg order "hard-a-starboard, full speed astern". By ordering full speed astern alone, or hard-a-starboard by itself could have saved the ship, but combining them together made it a deadly choice.

First event in world history to make world news.

This and more turning the Titanic disaster into a symbolic symbol of human pride, engineering, and bravery. What do you think makes the Titanic disaster a one of a kind ship wreck?