Monday, March 19, 2007

Titanic's Chief Officer

Henry Tingle Wilde was not a man given to flights of fancy.
A tall powerfully built man, just 38, had worked up from the ranks from apprentice to chief officer, in May 1911. The White Star Line held him in high regard, and captain Smith valued his experience and skill.
He was 39 at the time of the disaster.
He was born in Liverpool, England and his residence in 1912 was also in Liverpool, England.
He made 25.00.00 [in English pounds] a month.
Smith requested Wilde for this maiden voyage because of his experience at sea.
He was born September 21, 1872. Nothing is known about his childhood, parents, or upbringing.
At the captain’s request, Wilde’s addition to the ship’s officers bumped everyone else down a notch, completely bumping David Blair off the ship’s roll.
Chief officer Henry Tingle Wilde did not survive the Titanic’s sinking! This is part of a book I wrote on the Titanic!!!



Daniel, and a very good book, it was. I really enjoyed reading it. I don't know, do I see an author in there somewhere. I believe I do. proud of you Daniel. Grandma

Skymoid said...

Whats up big D???
well it's good to see you made it home from kansas. you better call me or write me and tell me about it. maybe your next vacation can be to the great state af Alaska.:)

Daniel said...

I would like to go to alaska again, but I doubt it!!!
I'll write soon.

skymoid said...

Oh, come on its only a couple more weeks drive than kansas!!! :)