Thursday, November 22, 2007

100 years ago...

The 100 year time line for the Titanic starts this year! Back in 1907 two men conceived, and brought into the world the Olympic class liners! I have never been quite able to pinpoint the exact time when Bruce Ismay, and James Pirrie, set discussing the new class of liners.
So the next five years for me anyway will be very reflective for me. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience.
I can guarantee that 100 years ago Ismay, and Pirrie were not expecting to be remembered 100 years later. 100 years ago the Titanic was just the figment of Ismay's imagination, but in five short years the Titanic was ready to take on her maiden voyage, and enter the hearts and minds of ship fanatics, and enter into the pages of the history books! 100 years ago they were not only preparing to build the world's largest ship, but they were accomplishing something that they did not expect to! They were conceiving of a idea that people would still talk about 100 years later!
The next five years will be thought provoking for all Titanic fans!!!


Anonymous said...

It seems like the whole thing really didn't happen that long ago, at least for me (until I realize that World War I hadn't even happened yet...LOL).

Daniel said...

That defiantly puts it in perspective!

Pastor McEntire said...

I just read this morning that a Canadian Cruise ship had hit ice and all 100 crew and passanges were safely loaded into life boats and were safely picked up by a passing Norwegian ship.

I wonder if they realized that part of the reason there was enough room on the life boats was because of the Titanic disaster??

Daniel said...

I thought about that to!
That is defiantly the majority of the reason there were enough lifeboats on the Canadian Cruise ship!
Boy, you have to wonder if it caused them to think what it would be like for there not to be enough lifeboats on the ship, and only room for women and children!