Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Titanic vs other BIG Ships....

Back in the early nineteen hundreds the Titanic was the pinnacle of a modern age, nothing could compare to her size, luxury, grandness, and elegance. The Titanic left everything behind in the dust. She dwarfed every other ship in the docks, shipyard, and the whole ocean! But I have often wondered how would the Titanic compare to a modern ocean liner, and maybe even a aircraft carrier!? With the results that I have come up with I'm not really surprised with the outcome. The next few ship's that I'm about to compare to the Titanic, make it look like a tugboat!

Titanic vs. Queen Mary

Overall Length

  • Queen Mary: 1,019.5 ft. (310.74 m.)
  • Titanic: 882.9

Gross Tonnage

  • Queen Mary: 81,237 gross tons
  • Titanic: 46,329 gross tons

Transatlantic Crossings

  • Queen Mary: 1,001
  • Titanic: 0 - Ship sank on Maiden Voyage

Constructed by

  • Queen Mary: John Brown & Co., LTD., Clydebank, Scotland
  • Titanic: Harland & Wolff, LTD., Belfast, Ireland

Commissioned by

  • Queen Mary: Cunard Steamship Co., LTD.
  • Titanic: White Star Line

Keel Laid

  • Queen Mary: December 1, 1930
  • Titanic: March 31, 1909

Date Launched

  • Queen Mary: September 26, 1934
  • Titanic: May 31, 1911

Maiden Voyage

  • Queen Mary: May 27, 1936
  • Titanic: April 10, 1912


  • Queen Mary: Over 2,000
  • Titanic: 2,000


  • Queen Mary: Over 10 million
  • Titanic: 3 million

Hull Plates

  • Queen Mary: 8 ft. (2.44 m.) to 30 ft. (9.14m.) in length; up to 1.25 in. (3.2 cm.) thick
  • Titanic: 1 in. thick

Moulded Breadth

  • Queen Mary: 118 ft. (35.97 m.)
  • Titanic: 92.6

Keel to Smokestack

  • Queen Mary: 181 ft. (55.17 m.)
  • Titanic: 175 ft.

Number of Decks

  • Queen Mary: 12
  • Titanic: 8

Passenger Capacity

  • Queen Mary: 1,957
  • Titanic: 2,440

Officers and Crew

  • Queen Mary: 1,174
  • Titanic: 860


  • Queen Mary: 160,000
  • Titanic: 46,000

Cruising Speed

  • Queen Mary: 28.5 knots
  • Titanic: 21 knots


  • Queen Mary: 140 tons
  • Titanic: 101 1/4 tons


  • Queen Mary: 3 - Steam type. Two on forward funnel, one on middle funnel. Each over 6 ft,. long, weighing 2,205 LB.
  • Titanic: 3 sets consisting of 3 bell domes grouped together with a suitable branch plate. One set was fitted on each of the three foremost funnels and were electrically operated.

Lifeboat Capacity

  • Queen Mary: 145 persons
  • Titanic: 60


  • Queen Mary: 3 - Elliptical in shape; 36 ft. fore and aft, 23.3 ft. wide
  • Titanic: 4 - Three were functional and the fourth was a dummy to create the illusion of a more powerful ship.


  • Queen Mary: 27
  • Titanic: 29
All of the above was from the following website.... http://www.queenmary.com/index.php?page=titanicvsqm

Class type: Nuclear powered supercarrier
Displacement: 102,000 tons
Length: 317 m
Beam: 40.8 m
Draught: 11.9 m
Propulsion and power: Nuclear propulsion
260,000 shp
Speed: 30+ knots
Complement: 3,200 ships company
2,500 air wing

  • Builder: Newport News Shipbuilding Company, Newport News, Virginia
  • Power Plant: Two A4W reactors, four shafts
  • Length: 333 m (1092 ft) overall
  • Flight Deck Width: 76.8 - 78.4 m (252 - 257 ft 5in)
  • Beam: 41 m (134 ft)
  • Displacement: 98,235 - 104,112 tons full load
  • Speed: 30+ knots (56+ km/h)
  • Cost: about US$4.5 billion each
  • Average Annual Operating Cost: US$160 million
  • Service Life: 50+ years
  • Crew: Ship's Company: 3,200 — Air Wing: 2,480
The above is from the following website.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nimitz_class

That is one big ship, but it even gets worse.......

Knock Nevis has a deadweight of 564,763 tonnes and a summer displacement of 647,955 t when laden with nearly 650,000 m³ (4.1 million barrels) of petroleum. She has a draft of 24.6 m (81 feet) when fully loaded, which makes it impossible for her to navigate even the English Channel, let alone man-made canals at Suez and Panama.

The above is from the following website.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knock_Nevis

So what it comes down to, in today's standards, the Titanic is actually pretty small!!!



It sure seems big to me. That was a very good post. Grandma

Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel...

Yeah, I'm still around. Just trying to adjust to changes in my life.

I would love to be on a trans-Atlantic voyage on a ship (although hopefully it doesn't sink!). Actually, I'd love to take even a small 2-3 day cruise. But no way I can afford it. Someday when I become a millionaire.... (yeah, right).

I saw that Cunard has sold the 40-year-old Queen Elizabeth II. Her final voyage will be in November 2008. She's going to be a floating hotel. Sort of sad, but at least she isn't getting scrapped liked the Olympic. (I'm trying to imagine what would have happened if the Olympic had been converted into a floating hotel.)

The Queen Victoria's maiden voyage is this December. Here's to a safe beginning and long future for her.


Daniel, I hope you are having a wonderful vacation. Looking forward to seeing you at home. Love you, Grandma

Peach said...

I'm really enjoying this blog.
Even though I knew what happens, I still get panicky reading about the Titanic sinking... hoping that this time it won't sink... or that more people will be saved. But yet, it doesn't change. :(

Anyhow, I was wondering if you have information on how long it was from the start date of building the Titanic (or even the finish date) until the ship went down???

Anonymous said...

You have been tagged to do a Me ME ME. YOu will have to go to my blog to see what you have to do. If you deside to do it, please let me know so I can read yours. Grandpa.

Hurry home!!

Daniel said...

Her keel was laid down on March 31, 1908, she sank April 15, 1912!
So from the beginning of the Titanic's construction she was around four years, and fifteen days.

Peach said...

4 years and 15 days... and she sank on 4/15...
Interesting... :)
Thanks for that!

eleventhdr said...

The whole point is Titnaic had the stuff that dreams are made of and the others have jsut not come anywhehe close to that not in nay before or since sanve maybe one and that one was a very long time ago the Ark!

so yeah Titnaic just had it!

Oh and by the way that song does give you the something or other nearer my god to thee hmmm!?