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Third class

Altogether there were 706 third class passengers from the following: Ireland, Finnish, Swedish, Belgians. There were 462 men, 165 women, and 79 children, only 75 out of 462 men survived, only 76 out of 165 women survived, and only 27 out of 79 children lived.
Third class on the Titanic was absolutely stupendous compared to the times. On the Titanic, third class accommodations were like that of second class of any other liner or shipping company. Though the White Star Line focused a lot on first class wealth, they did not do away with third class. The White Star Line knew that third class passengers were coming to America to start a new life and that they were moving all of their belongings across the Atlantic for a fresh start.
Third class berths were fairly luxurious in their own way, they provided electric lighting, heat, and wash basins. In fact the accommodations in third class were far better than the life they had left from where the came from. There was only one bathtub for all of the men in third class, but this was not stinginess on the White Star Line part, the poor at that time thought that taking frequent baths would give you lung disease. The same for all of the women and children.


Quaker Oats and Milk
Smoked Herrings
Beefsteak and Onions
Jacket Patatoes
Fresh Bread and Butter
Marmelade, Swedish Bread
Tea, Coffee


Cheese and Pickles
Fresh Bread and Butter
Rhubarb Jam
Currant Buns


Rice Soup
Corned Beef and Cabbage
Boiled Patatoes
Cabin Biscuits, Fresh Bread
Peaches and Rice

Dinner: - Every Day - Cabin Biscuits and
Cheese, Gruel and Coffee.
Fresh Fish served as a Substitute for
Salt Fish as opportunity offers.
Kosher Meat supplied and cooked for
Jewish Passengers as desired.

They didn't eat too badly, either!!!

This is a picture of a third class dining room, it don't look that bad to me, but compared to the first class dining room, there's a huge difference. But as you can see, third class passengers didn't have it that bad off really, and they were treated really well from the White Star Line.

This is a third class berth, the only thing that I see that I don't like is how cramped it seems to be, but you just have to remember the places these people were coming from. The
accommodations are not really that bad at all. All of the third class berths had springs in the mattresses and feather pillows.


This is just a third class common area.

Here is a third class sitting room and smoking room all combined. As you can see, it is brightly lit and is furnished fairly nice.


On the night of April 14, 1912, and the morning of the 15th the Titanic's third class passenger did not fare very well. They were kept below decks, and told that they would be let up soon, and that there wasn't that big of a problem. But here and there, a few third class passenger escaped to the boat deck. By the time that the crew let all of them up, all of the lifeboats had gone and there was nothing for hundreds of passengers. There was a 1 out of 10% chance of a male third class passenger getting on a lifeboat, and a 9 out of 10% chance of a female first class passenger getting on a lifeboat. Most of these poor passengers were left to fend for themselves, and await their fate.
Titanic's third class passengers had it pretty good till the ship started to sink, and then they were treated like animals. But these were real people who led real lives, just because they didn't have the money to travel in first class doesn't mean that at least the women and children didn't have the right any more than the first class passengers did to a lifeboat. In my eyes, third class women passengers that lost husbands lost even more than the first class women passengers did, think about it; a third class women passenger arriving in a foreign land with really no way to make money without a man, and they usually had families, what became of them? Now first class passenger women that lost their husbands did not have the financial problems that third class passenger would have most likely had, and second of all, they were probably home.
I guess the point I'm trying to make is that they weren't treated right, and could have been treated a lot better. Third class women and children deserved a spot in a lifeboat just as much as a first class lady, or child.



Yes, Daniel, it sees looking at the whole the 3rd class ladies had it really hard. The meals looked pretty yummy but not worth what it ended up costing them all. Grandma

Mom said...

I think I could do without the smoked herring.......

Just Theresa said...

To my understanding, third class was locked below and was not let out when she sunk. So with that said, I could think of a better LAST meal.

(correct me on that if I'm wrong Daniel)

Daniel said...

Yes third class was locked below decks for whatever reason, but a few were able to get to boat deck. They were let up just as the last boats were leaving the deck of the Titanic!

Just Theresa said...

Lol, I just now read the rest of your post.

I hope you are feeling better, love you.


Hey, Captian, its been waaaay to long for a post. Where ye been besides being sick????? love you Grandma. Now that I can walk again maybe I will get to go to the library this week and see your display.

Daniel said...

I'll be doing a post tonight!!! I know it's hard to believe, but I have been pretty busy.


Daniel, I know you have been busy. You spent much time over here mowing the lawn for grandpa and me. We thank you very much. Grandma

Anonymous said...

can you say what the 3rd class passengers were allowed to do/ what rooms did they have that 3rd class could go in???

Anonymous said...

Thanks. This really helped because I'm writing an essay about the Titanic sinking in the veiw of young Irish girl who was a third class passenger.

Anonymous said...

Hi.I really liked your post. I have been researching the Titanic and some say that the 3rd class WERE locked up and some say that they WEREN'T. This it the name of the website that says they do. 101 facts abou the Titanic.

Thank You!

Elanorra Leahadora-Jennikins

Anonymous said...

Hello. My Name is Mark Lorenze Gerero from the Philippines. I am a fanatic of RMS Titanic. Thank you for posting this information.

In my own opinion, based on my studies, 3rd class passengers were not really treated well in the ship. The stern of the ship which wass the place for 3rd class passengers was also the place for the 1st class' dogs for them to poop. Why did the crew not let the 3rd class to have their chance to evacuate the ship?,instead they locked them in below the boat decks. Why did the crew prioritized the upper class in evacuating from the ship? as far as I concern, they are all passengers of Titanic so each one of them has the right to get into the lifeboats. A perfect example of this is the lifeboat no.1. According to my study, lifeboat no. 1 can accommodate 40 people but why did the crew let it to be taken down from the ship with just only 6 passengers loaded and all the 6 passengers were 1st class. One of them were Lucille Lady Duff-Gordon and Sir Cosmo duff-Gordon. Come to think of it, 6 passengers out 40 slots. According to Marcel Navratil, a 2nd class passenger:
There were vast differences of people's wealth on the ship, and I realized later that if we hadn't been in second-class, we'd have died. The people who came out alive often cheated and were aggressive, the honest didn't stand a chance.". I think marcel Navratil is addressing the 2nd and 3rd class passengers as the honest people and 1st class passengeres were the cheaters and agressive. But thanks to some member of the upper class for having concerns for the less previlege passengers. They are: Margareth Brown, The countess of Rothes Noel Leslie Dyer-Edwardes, Hugh Woolner, etc....

CONCLUSION: That's Life! Life is so unfair! esepecially between nobody and somebody..:-)

To all the passengers of RMS Titanic, May you all rest in Peace.

( I hope I can join the expediton of the historians because I really want to sea the Titanic under the ocean or I guess if they will have a tour, please count me in)..hehe..

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A very nicely done blog.

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this was really helpful, just what i needed to write my essay thanks

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great help with my homework!!!

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Hey i have been hunting for a website that will tell me anything about the third class passenger's life on the Titanic and i think u should know that yours has been the most helpful. Thanks for your time to make this blog!!!

Marie said...

Thats kinda mean. why did the first class have to die anyways? everyone deserves a fair chance

Anonymous said...

OMG!! Thats kinda mean for those poor 3rd class passengers. why didn't they just acept them the way they were? even if they were poor??

Anonymous said...

the third class passengers must of thought that their quarters were amazing. after all, many of them lived simply.

Anonymous said...

thanks for helping with my paper

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, this has helped me greatly with my English homework!!!