Saturday, January 13, 2007

Queen Of The Seas

In all my years I have never seen a poem on the Titanic. Not in books, or the Internet, so I thought I would try my hand at writing poetry.
This poem is at the end of a book I wrote called, "Titanic's Moral Implications." This is the first poem I have ever written.
It took two months of going over and over it to perfect it.
Hope y'all enjoy...


Her keel was laid down on March 31st

At a shipyard in Belfast where tolls were the worst.

Through the months and through the years

Workers worked with sweat and tears.

And through the months and through the years,

She was constructed with pain and fears.

Once afloat just an empty shell,

Waiting for workers to make her run well!

The Titanic was a beautiful boat

Something that would cause fine men to gloat.

Sea trials she passed with no great concern;

Taking it with ease at every turn.

Built to tower over all,

She acquired fame, but it cost her a fall!

She was known as unsinkable

Queen of the Seas,

But that could not stop her from breaking up dreams.

She then departed to see land no more,

With the greatest luxuries man could afford.

Titanic was regarded as a dazzling sight,

But size and power couldn’t keep her from fright!

Once the passengers were mostly in bed,

Came the dreadful cry “iceberg dead ahead.”

They then didn’t know it

But soon found out,

She would not make it there was no doubt.

The pain was unbearable that fateful night,

For the Captain and crew their lips they did bite.

One minute she sailed

Next minute she stopped

Hit by an iceberg that wrenched her apart.

“Women and children” was the cry,

Get them away

With no delay.

The bravery of men

Abounded that night,

Standing aside that others might live,

Staring at death

Like brave men they did.

Oh grave where is thy victory?

Oh death where is thy sting!

As their loved ones departed

Too see them no more,

The only thing left, was a door.

The door of eternity open wide,

To receive these men as they died.

“Nearer My God To Thee” was heard that night,

Upon the waves of untold fright.

Titanic plunged with a moan,

She died with a great groan.

Behind her she left hundreds of souls

Where cold would soon take its toll.

Titanic was gone

As soon as she came.

She lost her glory,

But gained great fame.

James Daniel McEntire

Please do not copy, or use this material in any other way, without the author's permission!!!



I knew I liked this poem and I still like it a lot. Thanks for printing it for us to read and me to re read. Grandma

Just Theresa said...

That was very good Daniel. Thanks for posting it so I could read it. You have a talent, writing poems, I hope to see more of that here.

Love Aunt Theresa

Daniel said...

Thank you for your kind comments...
I'm glad you guys enjoyed it.